Same-sex Marriage and Gay Rights: Some Instructive Links

Written by: Matt Seyer

Readers of “Surprise!  New York Is Not On Fire!” have asked that I give a more serious take on the issue of gay rights.  The following is a group of videos, cartoons, and images concerning the issue.  They range from the silly to the uplifting.  I’ll hopefully write a more thorough piece eventually, but for now let this serve as a transition post from complete satire to slightly serious.

We’ll start with the silly.  Here’s a very clear illustration of what gay marriage would and would not entail:

How Gay Rights Is Nothing Like Legalizing Bestiality

Next, we’ll indulge in some more satire.  First, we have a faux representation of opposing arguments:

Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal

Second, The Partisans tell us all about what’s natural in the wonderful world of sex.

We’ll make a slight shift to the serious now.  Here, Ellen Degeneres has a brief conversation with Senator John McCain.  The best Senator McCain can come up with is that they have a “respectful disagreement” that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Imagine a country where if a large portion of the population has a “respectful disagreement” about whether Jewish people should be allowed to vote, then the country declares that they cannot vote.  Sounds fair, yeah?  Because human rights can be thought of that way, I suppose.

Inspired by the Zach Wahls video (see below), this Iowa grandmother decided to give her views on gay marriage.  Her reaction to her son’s coming out is probably typical of most families.  Less typical is her change in perspective.

The Golden Girls give us a brief return to the humorous.  Despite the fun attitude, the message couldn’t be simpler or more poignant.

“For The Bible Tells Me So” is a documentary about the relationship between homosexuality and Biblical teachings.  This is a brief clip that demonstrates that homosexuality is not a choice.

One more piece of satire before the heavy-hitters.

On August 8th, 2010, Ted Olson — the conservative lawyer who represented President Bush in Bush v. Gore — appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss his recent victory in overturning Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages in California. Throughout the interview, host Chris Wallace attempted to trip up his guest with a series of familiar Republican talking points, all of which Olson repudiated.  [Olson is featured prominently in the next post of this series.]

I’ve often heard that it’s only a matter of time for gay rights to become a reality; that the older generation will die out, leaving a more tolerant and accepting generation in its place.  Here, Senator Gronstal, from the Iowa state senate, comes to agree with that idea.

This Zach Wahls video has gone viral since its initial upload.  Mr. Wahls speaks to us about living with two mothers.  He offers us a unique perspective, a resonant and moving message, and proof that the sexual orientation of one’s parents has “zero effect on the content of [one’s] character.”

Diane J. Savino tells it like it is.  She gives an especially good response to those who would champion the “sanctity of marriage.”

The fact that it is appearing on a list of gay rights links will likely ruin the intended effect of this video.  Let me assure you, though, that I did not see that ending coming.  It makes you ask, “What’s the difference, really?”

Last but certainly not least, we have a preview for the documentary “Second Class Citizen.”  The documentary details the gay rights movement from its beginning as a reaction to discrimination to a widespread call for justice and equality.  I dare you to be unmoved after watching.


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