Thoughts from Exec, Week of 9/26

Michael Baharaeen, Vice President

Jon Stewart challenges Republican Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, on conventional Republican solutions to the economy, jobs and inequality.

Mitch Daniels Extended Interview Part I

Mitch Daniels Extended Interview Part II

Elizabeth Warren, a contender for the Democratic nominee to challenge incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in 2012, discusses the current state of affairs in our country.

Elizabeth Warren on Class Warfare

Matt Seyer, Secretary

The debate over teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools has escalated in intensity in recent years.  In an interview with NOVA, Dr. Kenneth Miller answers a wide variety of questions about evolution and Intelligent Design.  Miller provides clear, thoughtful responses to such questions as: “What is evolution?…What’s the harm in introducing intelligent design into a science classroom?…What are the weaknesses of evolution?”  For anyone curious about evolution or Intelligent Design, and for anyone concerned with America’s future in science, this relatively brief piece is a must-read.

In Defense of Evolution

Connor Stangler, Campaign Coordinator

While the troubling rise of reactionary populism in the form of the Tea Party and a lack of progressive backbone in the White House has disillusioned some sects of the Democratic Party and the liberal movement, there are rising stars that still claim the resiliency and efficacy of the progressive movement. New York politician Eric Schneiderman is one of a cadre of driven liberals who are intent on limiting the rise of purely financial institutions and the hegemony of big banks. He is smart, politically adroit, and worthy of our attention as Obama loses his luster.

Is Eric Schneiderman America’s most powerful liberal?

Alex Witt, Webmaster

The College Republicans at UC Berkeley, in protest of an affirmative action bill, are planning an Increase Diversity Bake Sale, during which they will sell minority price-adjusted pastries.

UC Berkeley ‘Racist” Bake Sale Demonstration Sparks Outrage


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