Thoughts from Exec, Week of 9/20

Brett Cline, President

The GOP should attack Obama’s policy, not the man himself, as Obama still has a good personal approval rating. The article also looks ahead to the strategies both parties might use in the 2012 campaign.

GOP should attack Obama’s plans, not Obama the man

Michael Baharaeen, Vice President

Jim Webb’s Criminal Justice Crusade

Michael Polwort, Treasurer

John Fleming, GOP Congressman, Blasts Obama Over Buffett Rule: I Can’t Afford A Tax Hike

Connor Stangler, Campaign Coordinator

This piece is a little different than what we’re used to reading. The New Republic‘s review of the new movie “Contagion” asserts that the film is more than just the most recent thriller, it’s a challenge to the recent shift in pop culture against government solutions. Instead of government being the cause or accomplice of apocalyptic chaos, it instead becomes the solution. Is this movie indicative of a new force in pop culture, one that accepts the benevolence of government solutions? Perhaps. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

‘Contagion’ Isn’t Just a Thriller. It’s a Defense of Big Government

Alex Witt, Webmaster

In spite of education reform by means of standardized testing, mandated teacher goals, and charter schools, SAT reading and verbal scores are continuing to decline. Reading and comprehension should be taught from pre-school onward to create a stronger knowledge base for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

How to Stop the Drop in Verbal Scores


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