Thoughts from Exec, Week of 9/13

Brett Cline, President:

This article looks at the constitution and the goals the framers had for it as well as their outlooks on its success. It frames the debate over the rights of the executive in courses of action such as Libya, healthcare reform, the Debt Ceiling and immigration. The article tries to explain where the President gets his powers on these issues and where the Tea Party believes he is overstepping his bounds.

One Document, Under Siege

Michael Baharaeen, Vice President:

Few Americans  are aware of the growing disparity of wealth in the country, yet, it is of increasing concern.

Land of the Free, Home of the Poor

Connor Stangler, Campaign Coordinator:

The shortfalls of President Obama’s presidency have been felt by his base.

Obama is best GOP president since Lincoln

Alex Witt, Webmaster:

The 2012 Republican Primary is already taking form as candidates rush to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Not long ago, positions covering the campaigns were in high-demand and reserved for only the most experienced and well-known reporters. The campaigns of today’s Presidential hopefuls, however, are now being examined by young writers fresh out of school. These young professionals walk the line between skill and inexperience, innovative technology and old-school common sense.

Campaign Reporters are Younger and Cheaper


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